With 2022 tax season approaching, it is time to begin gathering the tax information needed to complete your 2021 tax return. This will include two types of government payments you may have received during 2021, the $1400 per person stimulus payment (AKA the economic impact payment) and any advanced Child Tax Credit payments for qualifying children.

Taxpayers are required to report the exact amounts of these payments on their tax returns, or risk a delay in processing, a delayed refund, and perhaps an IRS CP letter correcting the mistakes.

It is important to provide your tax preparer with accurate information, and she will not appreciate you taking up appointment time trying to look up this information in her office on your cell phone. The best way to provide this information is by accessing your IRS account online. If you have difficulty with this task, your tax professional can assist you.

To view your personal EIP and Advance CTC payments, click here. Sometimes the account has inaccurate information. If you notice something that does not seem right, please contact the IRS or hire your tax professional to contact them on your behalf.

This requires identity verification and some taxpayers have difficulty creating a username and password to access their own information. If you either cannot or will not access your own IRS account, there are forms you can submit to allow a tax professional to assist you.

Form 8821 gives your tax professional permission to contact the IRS and review your personal tax information on your behalf. It does not give them permission to represent you during a phone call with an IRS agent.

Complete form 8821 and print it out and sign the form with ink. Married taxpayers will each need to complete their own 8821.

This form may be submitted on the IRS website at this portal. Your tax professional request a digitally signed 8821 via the IRS individual portal. This is the only format that the IRS will allow a digitally signed 8821 – if she plans to fax or mail the form to the IRS, it must be signed in ink or it will be rejected.

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