If you lost a spouse in the past few years, and that spouse was a government employee, you likely are receiving survivor’s benefits as part of your income.

If you live in and file Ohio state taxes, there is a tax break for those who receive survivor’s benefits. In Ohio, this income is not taxable, but unless your tax preparer elected to exclude this income, you may have inadvertently paid tax in year’s past.

The only way to know is to check last year’s tax returns. Verify that you were not taxed on these survivor’s benefits. If you indeed paid taxes on them, I am happy to amend the return for you. A fellow tax preparer reported that his clients required amended returns and received tax refunds (in the thousands of dollars) from Ohio once the returns were filed.

This tax break unfortunately is not well advertised in Ohio, and many preparers are unaware that the deduction is available. So be sure to ask.

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