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  • Heritage Tax Representation & Services provides personal and business tax representation services worldwide.
  • Our experienced staff of tax professionals have earned the highest credential the IRS awards.
  • Authorized to practice before the IRS and U.S. Tax Court.
  • You can expect privacy, a personable and friendly atmosphere.
  • We are committed to resolving IRS tax problems and reducing tax exposure.

Aubrey Corcoran
Enrolled Agent

Aubrey specializes in penalty abatement, audit representation, clergy taxation needs and business returns.

Bryan Corcoran
Tax Attorney

Bryan is admitted to practice before the Tax Court. He offers tax resolution strategies for individuals and businesses, with experience in Offers in Compromise, installment agreements, collection hearings and payroll tax assessments.


1. Where is my refund?

Once we file your return, our office has no control over the timely processing of your refund. The IRS typically issues refunds for e-filed returns within 21 days. In some instances, it takes longer, and in fewer cases, much longer. You can check the status of your refund online or by calling the IRS.

2. Can you speed up my refund and/or call the IRS on my behalf?

Although we are enrolled agents, we do not work for the IRS and have no influence on the timeliness of your refund. We do call and correspond with taxing authorities on behalf of clients who sign a separate engagement letter and provide us with Power of Attorney (form 2848 in most cases). This is a separate service billed at our hourly rate.

3. I received a notice from the IRS, state or local tax authority. What should I do?
The Internal Revenue Service, and state and local taxing authorities will send notices and letters for various reasons. It may be about a specific issue on your tax return or account or may tell you about changes to your account, ask you for more information, or request a payment. You can handle most of this correspondence without calling or visiting an IRS office if you read the letter carefully and follow the instructions in the document.
4. When does your service to me begin and end?
Our service begins when our clients sign an engagement letter or work agreement. The agreement will specify the service we will perform, and when the engagement ends. In the case of tax filing, our service ends when the return is e-filed and accepted by the appropriate taxing authorities. In the case of a paper return, our service ends when you sign the return and receive a copy for mailing.
5. If I received a letter form the IRS that I cannot understand, will you review it for me?
Yes. However, we charge for this service. IRS letters contain sensitive information and we will not review documents via e-mail.
6. You prepared my tax return, and I am being audited. What do I do?
While your likelihood of a tax audit is low, an audit can be time-consuming and unpleasant. As a service to our Form 1040 clients, we provide audit and identity theft insurance through a third-party vendor, Protection Plus, subject to the Protection Plus terms and conditions. However, our office provides no guarantees, implied or otherwise regarding your likelihood of an audit or the results of an audit. We will not engage the IRS on your behalf in the event of an audit. You can call Protection Plus or click here.
7. I noticed a mistake after I signed my tax return. What do I do?
It is important that you review your tax return(s) for accuracy before signing the return. This includes personal data on the return as well as wage and earning information. The tax return belongs to you, and your signature memorializes your review and approval of the return’s accuracy. Changes made after signature and filing of the return usually require a separate engagement agreement and an amendment. This can be costly to the client and result in processing delays with the taxing agencies.
8. What do you charge for administrative services?
Tax mailings–($8 per return; + 3.75 tracking/certified mail; +3.05 for return receipt).

Larger mailings — (cost of postage plus $8 service fee)

Fax. — $2.50 plus .10 per page

Notary – no fee for clients

9. How do I get my tax documents to you?
The safety of our clients’ data is of paramount importance to us. We accept sensitive documents in person (preferred), via mail, and through our secure client portal. You can also fax us documents at 844-337-7149. We avoid using e-mail as a platform for sharing or storing information. We will not accept documents from clients over e-mail. When clients e-mail us sensitive documents we will delete those e-mails in order to protect client data.
10. How can I access your secure portal to upload documents?
We use SecureFilePro to securely exchange documents with clients. Clients who have an established account can access the portal as follows:

Your username is your first and last name; for example: JAMESSMITH

PIN = the last four of your SSN

You create your own password.

If you have difficulty signing into the portal, please call us and we will be happy to help.

11. What do you charge for tax return preparation and why won’t you give me a quote over the phone?
We charge clients based on the complexity of the return(s) and the time required to prepare the documents for filing. Our prices are consistent with the 50% of industry averages and are considered competitive. For more information on about industry averages see Survey: How do your tax preparation prices stack up? 2021 Drake Software Inc. Link provided our web site.

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Bill SharplessBill Sharpless
21:03 14 Oct 22
Bryan and Aubrey were just wonderful to deal with. Everything about the experience was very pleasent. They made it all easy and quick. We will be using in the future and I suggest and HIGHLY recommend you do as well. Very reasonbly priced. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
Curt MillerCurt Miller
21:26 06 Oct 22
Best tax preparation experience in 45 yrs. I dislike the tax process due to previous so called tax experts. Aubrey was in another league. Thanks AubreyCurt MillerPastorEast Mountain Cowboy Church
Aidan MccarthyAidan Mccarthy
18:10 22 Aug 22
Bryan and Aubrey were very quick to help me out with my taxes, it was fast, easy, and even better, they did all the work!
Michael ReyesMichael Reyes
12:56 15 Aug 22
I came to Bryan at Heritage to assist in resolving a long running tax issue I couldn't get a handle on sorting out, for years. After providing the proper details Bryan managed my issue with the IRS perfectly and organized a solution I thought was impossible. Incredibly grateful for his services, compassion and understanding.
Keith PayneKeith Payne
22:17 27 Mar 22
I was referred to Heritage Income Tax Services by my son. My expectations were high going into our initial meeting. Our initial meeting was professional, thorough and informative. We engaged HITS to complete our 2021 taxes, and they were completed on time without error. The advise and expertise that Bryan brings to the table is outstanding. I strongly recommend HITS.

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